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I fell in love with this island 20 years ago. I was on another photographic shoot for an advertising print ad, and we had chosen this island as it had a forest, a beach and a waterfall.


We started our journey by an ordinary fishing boat around 1 am in the morning (in those days took around 5 hours, but now a mere 50 minutes by speed boat) to reach the island of Koh Kood. I had drifted into a deep sleep and woke up to a gentle mist floating over the mountain, crystal clear water with the sound of nature around me and a sunrise so beautiful… Something like this I had had failed to recognize or experience before.


By co-incidence, there happened to be a ceremony on the island of Koh Kood on that  day, and I joined in. During this ceremony I said a prayer and made a wish, that someday, I could be a part of this island and its people… Since then I have never been parted from Koh Kood.


It was a dream I had like most city folk, to have a holiday resort, a place to escape from the busy and demanding city life… that was a long time ago, but that dream was kept alive in my mind.


And today, it ‘s  time to make a wish and dream to be true.


Bann Makok


I believe that a place like this is meant to be shared, so I decided to open it out to my guests, to people who love and care for nature and for those seeking peace and quiet. It is a simple abode, and it may not have five star facilities, and luxuries, but is a home away from home.


I invite you to experience and share in the peaceful surroundings, its beautiful unspoilt beaches and its natural waterfall.


My one request to you is to please be considerate to the others who may be sharing this abode by keeping the peace and quiet after midnight. Feel one with nature and like me, I hope you too, will fall in love with this beautiful piece of earth.

(from Olive, founder of Bann Makok)

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